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Writing had been a dream of mine of as long as I can remember. For years I kept Journals I think I may still have some of them my shed. Back then I was willing to write anything that came to mind then life happened and worries of the world stopped all of my creativity for years. Almost ten years I didn’t write anything I didn’t sew anything, crochet I didn’t have any outlets period just work and being a mom. Honestly that’s no way to live we all should have something that takes us away for a few moments so we can find peace.

Right before Halloween I had a nightmare, a bad one. It was one of those nightmares where I had to turn the lights on in my bedroom grab a glass of water and turn on the television to have a peace of mind. I saw a girl running for her life, there were figures around her chasing her and no matter where she went they caught of to her. I tried to yell to her. I tried screaming. “Turn left!” “No they’re coming that way!” she couldn’t hear me. It was like being in a movie that you couldn’t turn away from. It was 3D without the 3D. Needless to say the beings caught her and her screams shattered me to the core.

For the first time in a long time I had the urge to write giving life to Sydney the main character  in the Moon Child. My nightmare evolved into questions of the human spirit.

Do you choose your life or the life of the others? Can you be brave enough to get the answers to the questions that you don’t want to hear?

I invite you check out my   Author Page.

Peace & Stay Creative,





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