Taking the time out have everyone get to know my characters it’s important sometimes to get the backstory on why things have come to be. Sydney is a character with many layers she was raised by her father Michael and her step-mother Michelle. Her mother Linda whom she was always told to stay away from lived on the other side of town. She was born September 1, 1998 which makes her a Virgo (if you’re into the horoscope thing!)

Most girls at eighteen who are seniors in high school are looking forward to prom, graduating college and going on to college but for her the future is bleak. There’s a feeling that she’s not going to be around much longer. There’s going to be a future but she not going to be apart of it.  Which makes things worse all of this comes after reconnecting with her biological mother Linda.

Linda always tells her that she special unfortunately she unsure of what that means. To a parent all their kids are special right?  She has her best friend Micah, whom she’s known since she was four years old. He is kind of a rebel, he doesn’t like being with the crowd, he hates parties and dances? Well forget about that! He is very protective of her more than any best friend should which also makes Erica her other best friend angry since that is her boyfriend.

Sydney never believed in anything unexplainable, not aliens, miracles, spiritual beings, none of it. If it’s there it can be explained. It all happens for a reason and eventually we’re all going to die. Well that is until she meets Cassie…

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