Fall in the air the fallen leaves are blowing across her feet as she walks along the road. She rubs the goose bumps on her arm. She wishes that she brought a jacket. Fall has that a certain chill that never really sat well with her. Maybe it’s the change that fall was known to bring or the short days and cold nights, the distance that it put between everything. The long days by the lake with everyone swimming with the sun on her face. Micah sneaking into her room to talk until they both fell asleep. She knew those days are soon to end. That kiss still on her mind she hasn’t talk to either of them since Saturday she ran home from the party.

Just then she notices three people walking towards her after squinting she sees Rebecca, Tyler, and Josh. Rebecca’s blonde her glistening in the sun she smiled and bounced in the sun in the middle of Tyler and Josh who were the stars of the football team and over six feet tall and enough muscles to take anyone down that challenge them.

“Sydney!” Rebecca yells.

She ran as fast as she could to bear hug Sydney almost knocking her down on the ground.

“Whoa, Hey guys.” Sydney tried to catch her footing stumbling a few steps backward with Rebecca’s arms still tightly around her.

“I got my Fall Formal Dress. I had to go to Wilmington to get it. I had to be different you know.”

“Un, huh,” Sydney added.

“That slut Emily thinks that she’s going to have the best dress. Yeah not while Rebecca Puffenburger is here. I’m going to will Fall Princess too. Josh has his friends voting for me and Tyler has his friends voting too. I’m going to win it’s a no brainer, she should just give up. Did you see her hair Friday? It was so greasy!”

Sydney noticed Tyler’s face a cold emotionless as she looked into his eyes. They were completely lifeless and his face was pale as if something had taken the life out of him. She pursed her lips together and focus on him.


His eyes focused to the sky he begins to mumble something under his breath.

“Tyler, what the hell?” Josh shouts.

Sydney takes a few steps back a cold chill swiftly comes over her. She looks across the street at the small white chapel with a white cross on the roof. She can she make there? Or she can run back to the restaurant? No too far. Her eyes scan for anywhere to run just not think just get away from here as quickly as she can.

Rebecca and Josh both shove Tyler as hard they could but he didn’t budge. His eyes focus only on Sydney moving closer towards her, his mumbling becomes louder but it’s not anything than either one of them can understand. Sydney fear paralyzes her she looks at his lips reading them.

Save us, save us, save us…”

“I don’t understand what you mean. Save who?” Sydney asks.

He grabs her by the arms and forced her against the wall of Mrs. Clarke’s dress boutique. She squirms to get away but he tightens his grip. He forces her to stare into his eyes they were completely blacken.

Sydney’s heart starts beating so fast that she thought it was going to rip out of her chest.

“What do you want?”

“Save us!” He shouts in a voice that paralyzed her in fear.

“Tyler let me go!”

Rebecca and Josh both try to force him to let her go Josh was stronger than Tyler but his grip is superhuman. No matter how much he tries to move Tyler he wouldn’t budge. His arms feel as hard as stone.

He slams Sydney against the wall over and over. She can’t fight the pain from the back of her head and she begins to fade. She tries to keep her focus but the pain overtakes her.

“Tyler!” Rebecca yells.

Josh uses his strength to pull Tyler away from her. With one swing of his arm he throws Josh into the air where he lands center of Main Street. Rebecca screams at the top of her lungs. Tyler looked at her with anger in eyes and growls at her Rebecca stops paralyze with fear, in danger with nowhere to go. Just then Tyler disappears down Main Street with two big leaps he’s gone.

Sydney grabs her head to feel the warm blood lingers on her fingers and her palm. Rebecca is still screaming for help and Josh is struggling to get up. They become blurry, the street becomes nonexistent, everything fades.

For More Check out Behind Sydney:Making of The Moon Child and The Moon Child

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