I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a child all I knew was my imagination that I wanted to create stories I wanted to let people into a space that I’ve been.
Lately I haven’t been wanting people into that space mostly because that place has become my safe place. I use that place to hide from the world around me that sometimes can be too much to handle.
So I take to writing mostly after the kids are sleep and most of my work is done but lately all I’ve been doing is starting at the screen completely blank nothing to say but everything to say at the same time. This week I haven’t been able to focus after being told I’m not a “big enough author” to be promoted and that I need to help them help me. Yep easy to say that relationship ended quickly.
Then not being supported by someone I cared about. He hasn’t read the five free pages you get on Amazon. Meanwhile there’s people that I haven’t even met in person that are more supportive than him. Sad.
I’m starting to doubt myself.
Should I even write?
Am I even good enough for this?
Maybe I should just keep my day job?
But I want this to be my day job…
I can’t write with all of this doubt.
I can’t even look at the screen right now.
Hopefully expressing my feelings will help.
Peace ✌



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