My best friend took my daughter this week on vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Not only am I feeling the empty nest but finding what to do with all of this free time. I’ve been doing yoga, walking in the park since it isn’t scorching hot and the sun is out. I’m no longer staring at the screen thank goodness. The Moon Child 2 is in the works even though that may not be the name when it’s completed. Also I’m working on some short stories too most of which are based on things around me currently or things that I’ve experience. Most people thing my stories are hilarious so I mightiest well share them with the world.

In between that I’ve been calling and checking up on how the trip is going. We get into a conversation about how we were in college, then our twenties compared to now. I know we’re still in our early thirties but it feels like a lifetime has passed. The time of the Nokia cell phones has gone, there aren’t anymore giant computers and not only does social media exists but it’s apart of everything that we do now. This was back when I considered to be a wild child, going out to parties embracing being singe and I wasn’t above a impromptu house party just in case I had to stay home . I Even if so, something deep down in me just wanted to have one special person in my life and eventually settling down. Though I have settled down and I have fond memories.

I’m being called “the mom” by some of my employees and co-workers. This confuses me granted I am a mom but only to one little person and I love her dearly  but that’s the only person I want to be a mother to. At the same time I’m being called “the mom” I got text asking me how to use a payphone (I know…I know wth?!)

I get plenty of requests for relationship advise (like because I’m in a relationship I’m the queen of how to make one work)

I get questions about STDs and Hygiene in general. My question is always. Why are you asking me this? Why didn’t your mother or an another female adult in your life haven’t told you about this?  Then I warn them…I’m going to answer your question  however I’m going to sugar coat anything so if this hurts your feelings maybe you need to evaluate what’s really happening in your life.

I’m not sure how to embrace this new ‘mom’ title honestly I don’t feel like I’m some being of infinite wisdom. Hell I’m still learning how to walk through life my daughter is only nine years old, I still have a long way to go with parenting. I’m only thirty-one I haven’t lived enough to be an infinite being of wisdom. Everyday I’m learning and who knows I’ll probably be that way until the end.

Peace & Stay Creative,





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