baby in the woods


She walked slowing looking into eyes of baby ignoring the strange markings on her arms legs and forehead. Where did this strange child come from? Cara stoked her soft wavy locks and hummed a song the whole way home wondering how is she going to take care of a baby. She tried to take care of a goldfish once it died two days after she got it. Well she may have forgotten to feed it maybe once twice or even at all. Hey she was twelve years old and softball, school and her friends were a full time twenty-four-hour job.

Cara arrives at her home a small ranch home just on the edge of the Cumberland Woods. Her porch fairly wide and covered most of her home she sat on the porch swing towards the edge of the porch. She takes her place on the swing that her Grandfather put there when she was a kid there in peace with the baby girl rocking back and forth watching the sun rise and the few cars ride pass. Not sure on what to do the baby. Should she keep it? Call the Cumberland Police? Or just keep her?

To keep her she will have to name her. She looks down at her hazel eyes and wavy black hair. She’s definitely not a Sara or Samantha. Cassandra maybe? Yes, Cassandra she’s always liked that name she’ll call her Cassie for short. Yes, that’s perfect. She smiles humming her sweet tune to the baby Cassie.

She thought about calling Margot and John they have small children they will have clothes and diapers for a baby right? Yes, but they will make her call the police, take her to hospital Cassie is not like other babies she’s different. Will they understand her? Cara couldn’t take the risk for some reason she has to protect her. She runs in the house looking for anything to cover Cassie’s frail body. She finds a small blanket just long enough to wrap her around tightly.

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