Everything is bright. The lights in store shine brighter at seven-thirty am and all of them are shining on her. She covers Cassie’s body with the blanket more than usual praying all the while that no one notices her. She searches frantically for the baby isle practically running through the isle.

“Slow down.”

She stops in her tracks.

“Walk slowly.”

Her footsteps tread softly on the brown shiny floor careful not to make too much noise.

“Turn right.”

She follows instructions without thinking finally reaching the baby isle. Grabbing everything she can without looking at the prices picking up diapers without looking at the size. She frantically grabs what she can filling both her arms with everything she can get her hands on. Her heart beating out of control her breath getting short. She wanted to collapse on the floor she fights the urge making it to the counter she leans forward tossing everything in her hands on the conveyer belt. She wipes the sweat from her forehead. The clerk a young skinny kid not much to look his face filled with acne he’s seen his fair share of characters most of them just insult his looks or physique but this woman was different. He could tell she is afraid.

“Are you ok, Ma’am?” he asks.

Cara looks up at him lifeless. She doesn’t know how to answer this. The truth is she’s not ok. She’s afraid, she wants help. She doesn’t know how to answer the question.

“Yes you are fine.”

“Yes you are fine. No, uh, yes I am fine.”

She rubs her forehead nervously and giggles a little.

“Take deep breaths.”

Cara takes two deep breaths. In and out. In and out. She smiles a little however the clerk looks down focusing hard on ringing and bagging the items. Cara giggles and rubs her forehead again. Cassie stays completely still in the blanket. Cara’s heart starts to slow down she doesn’t want to look the clerk in the eye in fear that he would call the police. But why? She hasn’t done anything wrong.  She just has to accept that she’s lost her mind.

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