In the car she drives on the twisting roads with the sound of the wind squealing through the window. They were cracked a little just so she can get some air. Her head still light from the events. Cassie her new alien baby squirms around in the shift made holster. She was getting uncomfortable and that she told her that she’s hungry via her mid, her stomach is probably in knots. Cara thinks back when she was a child. She would sit in the backyard looking up at the sun they say you shouldn’t look up at the sun but she did. She always did even when her grandmother would smack her in the back of the head for doing so. She would be in the back yard for hours looking up beyond the tress at the round ball of the sun the shape of the moon. What was on the other side? The dark side of the moon. Where the people on the moon like her or flesh eating orbs that are clear and you can’t see them until it’s too late? The sun? Why she couldn’t look at it. It gave the earth life, the trees, the grass, the birds, the fish, everything. So we should look at it right? Cara imagined people on there being able to stand the heat and the flames living day to days. They have children who go the school the parents work everything. They have a king who rules them but the queen of the dark side of the moon. The people there hated the light they live and thrive in the darkness so they hated the sun people. Cara smiles and giggles a little. This is possible the thought of Moon and Sun and their inhabitants. Cara becomes that little girl again wishful thinking about the future the possibilities that are to come. She hasn’t thought about Joe not once. Her heart wasn’t in pain. Even though she was in a bad dream it was betting than being in a bitter reality. She pulls into her driveway to see Joe standing at her door.


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