Her cheeks feet hot her head is already spinning how she even made it home is a complete miracle. She sat in the car locking eyes with him. He has on his favorite grey suit and red tie what’s left of his back thinning hair slicked back. The power suit she’d call it. It was the only time he’d wear it when something big was getting ready to happen. Nothing could be bigger than this at least not her, him well that is yet to be seen. She had no idea what to say. Cassie squirms around in the blanket. Just now she realizes she can’t stay in the car forever. She slowly climbs out of the car she holds her head down eyes dart between the gravel and the blanket. She grips the shopping bags and holds Cassie close. Looking at him will be too much. After ending their engagement there were no words just silence for what seemed like hours but at the most was the five minutes.

“Cara where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you all morning!” Joe shouts.

Her timid steps changes into forceful hard ones her head raised high marching towards him.

“What? Why would want to call somebody that you broke off an engagement with? Let’s not remind you that I have no explanation none. I deserve an explanation!”

Joe holds his head down slightly.

“Yes you deserve more than an explanation. That’s why I’m here to talk to you…” he stops and looks and the tiny feet sticking out of the blanket wrapped around Cara. “What the hell is that?”

“A baby,” she responds flatly.

“What? Where the hell did you get a baby?

She didn’t respond she walks pass him and opens the door too bad he feels comfortable enough to just barge in. He looks around still in a state of shock. Everything was just how he left it he expected something different even though it hadn’t been that long since he decided to break it off. Cara unwraps Cassie and pulls the diapers out to get her dressed.

“What the fuck? I leave you for a few weeks and you go get a baby. I’m not taking care of that thing you need take it back before we even talk about us.” Joe preaches.

Cara laughs struggling to put on this diaper sounds better than him talking about getting back together.

“I never said I wanted get back together,” she says softly.

“What? Of course you do…”

“No I don’t. In fact, I want you to leave,” Cara demands.

Joe stands there in a state of disbelief. Cara smiles holding Cassie in her arms and humming.

“Joseph, I want you to leave now I have to feed Cassie and all your negative energy is upsetting her.”

Joe storms toward the door she should be more than lucky that he even considers even going through with this. How can she do this to him? He turns around to look at them one last time and deep down he wants to hit her. He can’t do that because then he would make his business partners look bad he glares at her and visions his hand across her cheek. Then a sharp pain in his chest he grabs it only able to give out a whimper in pain. He heart beats through his ears then his mouth fills with the taste of iron. Iron? Blood is coming out of his mouth he tries to scream but he starts choking on his own blood. His vision is blurry and red blood in eyes, his ears are hot blood spilling out like hot tea from his ears. He tries to fight but it succumbs him still holding to the door knob he slides down the floor even though leaving a blood trail on the wall. Cara turns around, “Joe!”

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