He’s there bloody slumped against the door she walks over closer staring at his face. He’s dead. He has to be dead right? How? He can’t be dead. She paces back and forth wishing that she had somewhere to put Cassie down for just a second. Long enough to clean him up, long enough to move his car long enough to figure this all out. Pacing she takes the blanket and wraps Cassie around her again not at tight as last time her arms and legs are free. She walks over slowly her stomach in knots looking at Joe slumped possibly dead on the floor the blood from his nose dripping onto the wood. She takes a deep breath she tries to reach out her hand but she pulls away. She covers her mouth she wants to gag but gagging will turn into puking both of which she hates. She turns away her knees pressing down on the wooden floor her feet behind her holding the weight. She covers her mouth as tightly as she can. In disbelief. There’s no life behind her he’s not breathing in his own pool of blood. She turns slowing peeking at him taking a deep breathing almost to the point of holding it she turns slowly reaching her hand to touch him. She closes her eyes and reaches out. Cold. He’s cold. He’s dead.

She runs to her kitchen and pukes up her morning protein shake and maybe even chicken from the night before.

He’s dead you must clean.

make sure you check out parts 1-3




This apart of the 100 day writing challenge join here: http://melanierockett.com/100-day-writing-challenge/

Peace & Stay Creative,






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