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I got this book almost a year ago and everyone knows that sometimes finding time to read anything can be the most difficult tasks on the planet. I found time during my lunch breaks and right before bed (hey it takes my mind off of the real word for thirty minutes).

The book is based on Laura Jean who’s learning on how to love and what true love is for that matter. She does this by writing letters to  all of the boys that she’s loved in the past leaving her feelings on the paper and forgetting them…at least that’s what she thought.

The main character Laura Jean the middle child of the three sisters she looks up to her older sister Margot who basically took over things after their mother passed away suddenly when there were younger. Margot became the mother figure to Laura Jean and their baby sister Kitty. With Margot leaving for college Laura Jean is forced to come out of her comfort zone trying new things, accepting love accepting change and realizing that the book can’t always be judged by it’s cover.  (that’s all I can say without giving any spoilers)

Over all I really enjoyed this story it brought me back to when I was young and having to deal with the so many changes at once and trying to make sense of all of it. It’s a great story from Laura Jeans point of view of how love works and her finding out differently. A very wonderful story.





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