1. Name your price early on…there can be many ways to reach to destination depending on what you do to make it there. Drawing that line in the sand will keep you focused.
  2. Know the difference between hate and criticism: Criticism is constructive and is there to help you improve so you can achieve your goals.Though it may be tough to take in at times in the long run it’s only going to help you. Hate is there only to tear you down, make you feel bad about your yourself or stop you from completing you goals.
  3. Celebrate the small accomplishments because all of those small accomplishments are just small steps forward to the BIG GOAL
  4. Protect yourself: not only physically but mentally and emotionally there are people out there that will use your doubts against you. Don’t fall for this! Even though sometimes at times you can doubt yourself so much that even the thought or possibility of success can seam unachievable.
  5. Affirmations are important: Tell yourself that your dreams are possible and they will be.
  6. Plan and Work the plan: Nothing is ever achieved by wishing and wanting planning and hard work always come into play.
  7.   Failure: It’s going to happen at some point learn from it.
  8. Never stop learning there’s so much out there in the world to see. Find a way to go see it.
  9. Get a mentor if you can. I know some people have a ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality which brings me back to #4 and #2
  10.  Remember you are the master of your own destiny! No one can make you quit, doubt or try. It’s all up you.



Peace & Stay Creative,


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