1. Your Genuine Cheerleader

This person will be there you no matter what gives you motivation and genuinely be excited for your victories big or small. 

2. The Secret Hater 

This person will pretend as if they want you succeed and maybe the do to a certain degree. That’s until you start passing them watch the negativity unfold. They alright as long as you’re underneath them maybe beside them but ahead that’s out of the question.

3. The Open Nay Sayer

I can respect them at least they let you know what you’re getting with them. Hey they tell you up front that idea you have is stupid or it isn’t going to work. Or my favorite, Why that? That isn’t going to make any money people aren’t going to be interested in that. You should try something else…

Well either way it’s not going to work if you don’t try. Trying and failing is one thing but not trying…

What I’ve learned

You always try to have good people around you and over time you will see these people. Hey they are good at hiding just always remember to keep your eyes open and listen. 

✌& stay creative,



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