A month ago I had a dream. I was on a shabby piece of wood floating into the middle of the ocean. I’m not sure what ocean I’m in all I know the water is warm and the foundation of this shabby piece of wood isn’t going to last long I attempted to paddle with my hands back to shore but it was no use it just pushed me further out. My heart started to beat a million miles per second because I can’t swim even when I try to float I sink. I grabbed onto the piece of wood with two options float into oblivion or try to make it back on my own. I close my eyes hold my nose and then I wake up. 

That dream came at the time when I was a crossroad: leave my comfort zone or go try out something new not knowing the outcome. I’m not sure if the wood or the island was comfort zone in the dream because I was terrified of both. 

Either way we don’t know know weather to stay or go. Maybe even staying may not be an option sometime we just have to leap.

✌ & Stay Creative,



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