Scrubbing the blood with bleach and house a sponge Cassie some how sleeping peacefully on the couch. She wonders if that’s safe for a baby.  Well a normal baby this is Cassie a telekinetic alien baby that was found in the woods less than twenty-four hours ago. She looked over at Joe’s lifeless face it’s kinda bluish. She scubs as hard as she can. She was always afraid of blood not now. It smells like metal almost like iron and nickel. It even took over the bleach smell. She scrubs as hard as she can but the blood seeps into the cracks of the wooden floor turning the lightly colored wood a burgundy color. Her hands are pink from scrubbing. The blood is literally on her hands. After a few hours her sponge gives out on her breaking into tiny pieces. With a deep sigh she tosses them into the bucket of bleach. 

She leans on the door looking at Joe’s lifeless body next to her. All she can think is how much of a complete ass hole he was. Good riddance. She gets up dragging his body to the nearest hiding place, the basement. Dragging him across the room felt like the hardest heaviest in the world. Worst than bricks, worst than potatoes, worst than any heavy thing she should think of she collapses on the floor next to him breathing heavily. The basement door is so far away now. It’s only a couple of steps but it seams like miles just then it happened. 

A knock on the door. 

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