Tuning out everyone and everything around me has to be the most difficult things to do on earth I believe. I wake up at six a.m faithfully brew my early morning coffee. I brew way more than I should and I only end up drinking one cup otherwise I’ll end up being late and that’s definitely not an option. While I’m drinking my coffee I’m changing into about four or five different outfits because I always hate what I got on. The news plays in the background but I don’t listen. I’m too busy thinking about what’s going to happen today am I going to meet my goals. What if I don’t meet my goals? What am I going to do differently today than I didn’t do the week before. I replay old scenarios in my head over and over. Then the self doubt comes in….What If I’m not good enough? What if I’m smart enough? What if this isn’t for me ? What if I just don’t have a purpose in what I’m doing? Then self doubt creeps in. Then I have no choice but the tune out everything.

Tune out everything, my cell, my television, social media…everything.

The negative thoughts in my head continued even though I was sitting in silence. Confused not knowing what to do I was sitting in my room looking in the mirror and turned on some positive affirmations. I repeated them over and over even on some occasions I fake it until I make it. Sometimes faking it is better than giving up. It’s seams small but it helps. It helps when I’m too tired to get out of bed in the morning, when something seams insurmountable but I have to keep trying, when I feel like I’m in over my head it helps.

Monday Motivation: A Little Positive Affirmation Goes A Long Way!


Peace & Stay Creative,







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