I was asked to write about some one who necessarily wouldn’t want me to write about them. The saying goes if you date a songwriter you’ll probably end up a lyric and if you date a writer then you’ll probably end up in a story. Since I don’t write songs here goes the story.

I was in a vulnerable place I just had a breakup  our views were changing I wanted one thing and well he wanted everyone else.I wanted to call this terrible but all breakups are terrible when you’re going through them. I just moved after finally getting my A+ Certification I landed job working in tech support I hated the hours but the money was decent. With all this adjusting the last thing I was looking for a guy I was still adjusting hey starting over isn’t always an easy thing. I was getting asked out plenty but and shutting it down as quickly as they came but there was one guy (yeah there’s always one) that wouldn’t give up I mean it wasn’t harassment he was nice, funny and being easy on the eyes also helped. He didn’t come across as creepy or weird like he hasn’t ever seen or been around a woman before like most of the men. Being surrounded by that was jarring to say the least. We ended up talking more going out to eat on lunches it wasn’t even strange that our lunch was at midnight or eleven-thirty most of the time. I even started getting used to be awake at all hours of the night helping people fix their broken desktops or laptop most of which they have done to themselves.

So on our off days I decided to go out with him went to a movie a dinner and he was quite the romantic to say the least. I was smitten but soon after it starting spreading around at work and I soon understood why they say never to date someone you work with because the drama began. I had girls “mean-mugging”  from across the floor. I had random people coming to me and telling me not to date him that he was bad news that the was a player. In fact that it ended up being true I wasn’t the only girl he was dating it ended up being two, two turning into three, three turning into four and so on. I ended up getting into a shoving match in the break room with one of them. She was taller than me she was about five-seven thin tall red head. I’m only five-one so to have someone towering over me yelling at me  that I was with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend huh? That was funny to me since I had never heard of this girl in my life. she snatched my chair from underneath me and I took my can of Pepsi and aimed for as close to her face that I could. I’m still not sure if I hit or not but I do know that I wasted a good can of Pepsi that I really wanted all over the floor and the table and my phone got damaged in the process. Well a couple of mangers ended up separating us. I thought this was it I just got this job and now it’s over. I was ready to get my Pepsi damaged phone my bag and head home to figure out how was going to make ends meet now that my new job is gone. Crazy to say I didn’t get fired I got moved to day shift and she got moved to third shift since I didn’t start the fight the camera footage and several witnesses I was told not to let it happen again.

I wish I could say that it was over with him though but it wasn’t…. sadly it was just beginning.




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