Most of us red blooded working adults have been told that we must prepare for the unexpected things in life such as a flat tire, maybe a break in, or an unexpected job loss. I’ve had all of those things happen to me at any given time maybe one or two I unexpectedly been able to fix but the others was unexpected and totally unprepared for.  After having a conversation with a friend I realized that we react to what happens to us in life mostly because we can’t predict the future and most things are a surprise to us. I get it I can’t know obviously know that I’ll hit pot hole on the way to work and put a giant hole the size of Texas in my tire. This is why we have an emergency fund right?

(even though sometimes it ends up a shopping spree find which is definitely not good)

Well what if I got an invitation to somewhere I always wanted to go for instance like Hawaii…Would I have the time? Would I have the funds?  Or would I just go just like that a knee jerk reaction not worrying about the consequences after coming home probably penniless with a mailbox filled with past due bills. I reacted quickly but I wasn’t prepared for it. Many times I have a pass up opportunities simply because I wasn’t prepared or had a knee jerk reaction to what was presented to me.

Learning  lessons

1. I would have had a better chance if I had prepared more, leaning as much as I can about what I wanted to do would have stopped a knee jerk reaction.

2. I started to create mini bucket list that way it will help focus on one or two things instead of 10 things like saving for that random trip to Hawaii…Hey I would even take Florida anywhere with a beach 🙂

3. Instead of focusing on doing a better job…I’m focusing on my career goals…life goals and learning more about what I want to do.

Has anyone else had an issue focusing let me know by commenting….

Until next time,

Peace and Stay Creative,



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