“Sean! Hey where were you today?” I ask. Not sure if I’m excited or relived as I seen walking toward me in his favorite blue hoodie. I smile gripping the straps on my backpack waiting for him to get closer. I rock back and forth on the heels on my tennis shoes.  My cheeks starting stinging I guess from smiling so hard. I drop my head and look down towards concrete. A soft scrapping noise hits my ear in a way makes me shutter out of instinct I cover my ears and look in Sean’s direction. The points of his shoes were scrapping the ground. There’s no way this can be real he was levitating towards me. I stand there paralyzed like a statue unable to move, unable to breathe. A part of me wants to shake grab him pull him from the ground and shake him. Shake him until he comes out of this. Then I can take him to a doctor so they do something to fix. He looks right through me as I jump in front of him. “Sean I know you see me,” I demand.

He takes his hand and shoves me down like a rag doll. “Ouch!” I look up a him hovering pass me he doesn’t see me at all. I’m not even there. Tears form in my eyes and I wipe them away quickly. Could this be that my friend is really gone? I force myself up and follow him. I make sure my steps are quiet enough for not to notices but something tells me that he wouldn’t notice to begin with. I follow carefully up the street and up the hill towards Shelly Woods.  The suns over the horizon in front of him almost blinding me. I shield my eyes with arm still keeping on my path. The tips of his sneakers still scaping the end of the concrete making a low scrapping noise. I follow the noise with precision one foot in front of the other since I’m blinded the orange yellowish glow of the sun. He disappears into trees I no longer hear the noise and I stand there staring into the trees the red, yellow and brown leaves block my view. Which way should I go? I can run back and tell everyone what I saw. Would they believe me? They haven’t thus far. They all think I’m making this up. This isn’t just in my head. I pull out my phone and charge up the hill. I need proof then I can get him the help that he needs. I force myself with all of the strength to make it up the hill it was steep and filled with leaves twigs and rocks. The sun is setting more and bright glow is becoming more faint.  I turn away and make my way back downhill. This is too much I can’t do this alone. I need someone to help me. Who? Names run through my mind but either their missing or don’t believe me.

I ball my fist up take a deep breath and turn around. I hold my phone as tight as I can my finger is placed on the camera app. I need proof now it’s almost dark now and body starts shivering. It’s colder than it should be I march forward he has to be here somewhere he couldn’t have gotten far. I look around through the tress left and right, no sign of him. I move slower looking around when I hear a growling noise. We don’t have wolves or bears here a dog maybe but no dogs would be this far in the woods. I take a deep breath my body almost paralyzed I force myself to keep walking, I see a light peeking through the trees not sun light but something un natural. Fire? A Flashlight? I creep toward it shielding myself behind the trees.

It’s a ring of fire being I look around there’s no wood burning nothing to light it just a ring of fire. There are steaks shoved into the ground they have something on top of them but I can’t make what is on top of them Sean standing in the middle levitating. I crawl on the muddy earth to get closer I crouch down behind between the trees forcing myself to keep my hands steady as I record. I zoom in closer the view is blurry forcing my hands to become steady I focus on him. I hold my breath force my knees into the muddy ground. I want to scream but I can’t force air down my lungs.  See him lifeless hovering around the ring of fire I can’t help him I can’t fix this. I want to pray but I forget the words dig my knees into the mud burying myself he hoovers around faster and faster into the ring making the fire larger. His body dances to the movement of the fire he raises his head I shield myself behind the tree. Did he see me? If he sees why isn’t coming over here? I crawl from behind the tree I drop the phone covering my mouth forcing myself not to scream. There they are, the missing. Myra, Josh, DeShawn all of them standing around him his army Stacey standing behind them all guiding them. Wearing the same clothes that I last saw them in before they missing. They’re all torn and covered with mud. Have they been living out here?

I knew she was apart this there was no way he would change overnight like this. I knew she was evil but not dancing with the devil evil. I feel the cold wet ground for my phone I search frantically behind me, in front of me to the left of me not moving my eyes from the demonic sight in front of me. Stacey in a white sleeveless dress with black markings all of her arms speaking a language that I’ve never heard before. It sounds like an ancient language. I start to shiver to my bones fear takes over and I finally find my phone. I raise it slowly I can’t keep it focused my whole body is shaking now.  They all sway back and forth to movement of the fire her words guiding them. They form a tighter circle swaying all of them chanting the same ancient chant as Stacey. Then the ground begins to rumble I hold on to the tree forcing myself up when I see it coming out of the ground crawling toward them coming out of the ground a snake man with arms, his face covered by blackness he has no legs he slithers towards them. I can’t hold back I scream at the top of my lungs. They’re heads turn simultaneously facing me. I keep screaming as I turn and run away. I run down the hill as fast as I can. I grip the only evidence that I have for anyone to believe me.  I hear footsteps behind me I don’t look back I just keep running. My foot hits a rock and fall down I start to roll I tried to brace myself but I can’t my body loses control hitting every rock and tree trunk I can’t feel the pain but I know I’m going to be in pain but after I make it down the hill. If they don’t find me and kill me. I make it to the bottom my ankle is throbbing I can’t move my leg I tried to force myself up. I start sobbing. I’m going to die out here and no one is going to know what happen. I look down beside me to my cracked phone is laying next me and I sob even harder.

I see lights in front of me this is how it ends This is how I’m going to go I close my eyes. “Delilah!” Sheriff Miller yells.

I take a sigh of relief I’m safe at least for now.


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