Well so much for that it’s Friday morning and walking through the hallway I’m looking at my boots while everyone is looking at me whispering and pointing. I feel like a sideshow attraction. So many different stories are being told I was there and I’m not sure what happened. Karen is walking next to me smile and waving like she just won a crown. I go to my locker. In a failed attempt to place my coat and grabs my books as fast I can Josh walks up.

“Uh hey how’s it going?”

I roll my eyes and close my locker. I attempt to make a break for it but Karen stops me blocks her arm so I can get through.

“So, is it true that all of your teeth got knocked out and you like have to wear dentures now?”

I shove Karen out of the way and walk to class. This was going to be the longest month ever. Why did this have to happen to me of all people? Why could this just happen to Karen she would have loved this. I take a deep breath and walk into Physics pretending like I haven’t been gone for two days.  I try to smile but sharp pain in my mouth forces me frown. I think I read somewhere that smiling gives you wrinkles anyway. I hear all the whispers and try to ignore them. I want to say something but what? Something big must happen before I’m forgotten about again.

“Jessica Staton you’re wanted in the office,” Mrs. Flanagan’s voice calls over the monitor.

I smack my hand against my forehead.

“Ooh,” Josh calls out and the whole class erupts with laughter. I want to scream and run out of the building to my house as fast as I can. I don’t I slide into the office where Mrs. Flanagan is on the phone and points to the office doors while she looks over top her very thick framed glasses. I walk into see Kevin, Coach Johnson and Principal Martin my knees are weak and head suddenly feels like there is a ten-pound weight placed on top of it squeezing slowly.  Take a seat at the farthest part of the room as all their eyes are focused on me.

“Good Morning,” Principal Martin says.

“Good Moring.”

“On behalf of everyone in this room we want to apologize on what happened earlier this week. How are you feeling?”

I look at all three of them Kevin looks afraid Principal Martin looks concern and Coach Johnson looks angry.  I need to choose my words carefully. My palms are sweating and I think of all the words I can say… Tired, Angry, Annoyed, Irritated, Perturbed.

“Sore,” I say.

All three of them smile.

“I just want to apologize again of what happened. We don’t condone rough housing in the cafeteria or any of the football players.”

I nod but not try not to say a word. Kevin still looks down like a kid who just got in trouble for throwing a baseball through their neighbor’s window. I guess in this case I’m the window.

“Therefore, we are suggesting that Kevin take you the Winter Snow Ball just to show how sorry that he is for what happened and it would help if you could lead a campaign on sport related injuries.”

“Wait…he doesn’t have to take me to the Ball I wasn’t even planning on going believe me. I don’t play sports, he does! Why can’t he just lead the campaign himself?!”

“Well we thought it would be easier if you two lead this as an united front. To show that it takes all of us to be responsible,” Coach Johnson added.

I look at Kevin he doesn’t look at me.

“We need you’re backing on this,” Principal Martin pleaded.

“Why? It was just an accident. Accidents happen every day!”

“People don’t lose teeth everyday Ms. Staton we need your support to make this work.”

I glance over at Kevin again. Please he whispers. I roll my eyes and lean back into the chair.

“What do I have to do?”

“We can’t talk about in our study hall,” Kevin says.

“We don’t have study hall together.”

“We do now.”

I place my face in my face in my hands in an effort to not faint.

I hope you enjoyed this there’s more to come

Peace and Stay Creative 





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