1. Family Guy- I’ve been watching Family Guy since 1999 when I was in high school back then it felt like I sneaking and doing something I wasn’t supposed to since my parents didn’t let me watch South Park this show. I’ve been hooked on it ever since. If I had a bad day I can turn on Netflix watch a couple of episodes with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and life doesn’t seam so bad


2. Teen Titans GO! – I have my daughter and cousin most of the time and Cartoon Network is a staple from 8am to 8pm. Even though Teen Titans Go is for kids there are some nostalgic gems in there for us adults I find myself laughing more than the kids most of the time.


3.  People of Earth- Since I’ve been on vacation I’ve been binge watching this show I love it and love the fact the Aliens are so involved in the story line. (not because I wrote a book on aliens either) the way their lives are intertwined with the humans in most hilarious ways gets my view every Monday at 9pm on TBS


4.  Steven Universe- Yes another cartoon but what I like about Steven Universe is their unique take on how to deal with grief, sadness, friendship, love and overcoming adversity. This show can get pretty deep I’ve even teared up especially when any episode about Rose (Steven’s Mom) I’m not sure why but those episodes are touching to me and the fact that Estelle voices Garnet makes me smile inside.


5. The Simpsons- This is a classic this had to be on the list just because I still watch this show every Sunday when comes on and the marathon on FXX it just brings me back to childhood.

This apart of the#31dayblogchallenge. Tell me what are you favorite all time shows below.

Peace and Stay Creative,



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