10 Things I’ve Learned about being a parent

My daughter is nine now and I think back to when she was born and I was young and had no clue what I was doing or how I was going to take of this delicate life there were 10 things that I’ve had to remind myself over the years

  1. You’re going to make mistake and it’s OK.
  2. It’s OK to have a little me time from time to time
  3. You have to be their first teacher so teach them the best that you can
  4. Investigate Everything!
  5. If they are too quiet they are into something they shouldn’t be RUN and RUN FAST!
  6. Think about the future. Yours and theirs.
  7. Talk to them as much as possible about everything
  8. Enjoy the moment it won’t happen twice
  9. You think it’s bad..OK?! It can be worse.
  10. As long as you’re doing the best you can, your family has a roof over their heads, food, and working towards your goals nothing else matters. What people think, have whatever it doesn’t matter.

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Top 5 Go To Shows that can take your mind off of everything


1. Family Guy- I’ve been watching Family Guy since 1999 when I was in high school back then it felt like I sneaking and doing something I wasn’t supposed to since my parents didn’t let me watch South Park this show. I’ve been hooked on it ever since. If I had a bad day I can turn on Netflix watch a couple of episodes with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and life doesn’t seam so bad


2. Teen Titans GO! – I have my daughter and cousin most of the time and Cartoon Network is a staple from 8am to 8pm. Even though Teen Titans Go is for kids there are some nostalgic gems in there for us adults I find myself laughing more than the kids most of the time.


3.  People of Earth- Since I’ve been on vacation I’ve been binge watching this show I love it and love the fact the Aliens are so involved in the story line. (not because I wrote a book on aliens either) the way their lives are intertwined with the humans in most hilarious ways gets my view every Monday at 9pm on TBS


4.  Steven Universe- Yes another cartoon but what I like about Steven Universe is their unique take on how to deal with grief, sadness, friendship, love and overcoming adversity. This show can get pretty deep I’ve even teared up especially when any episode about Rose (Steven’s Mom) I’m not sure why but those episodes are touching to me and the fact that Estelle voices Garnet makes me smile inside.


5. The Simpsons- This is a classic this had to be on the list just because I still watch this show every Sunday when comes on and the marathon on FXX it just brings me back to childhood.

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I can’t leave home without


I can’t leave home without…will turn the car around or make a quick stop for these three things:


CHAPSTICK– Hey it took forever but it’s cold now I don’t be outside freezing and have cracked chapped lips. It fits in my purse and I’m not out in public with crusty lips


HAND LOTION– The winter is very hard on my hands it’s been so bad they would crack right around my nail beds and bleed and it’s painful. I keep hand lotion around because I hate gloves and coats. (don’t judge me) So keeping lotions helps.


DEODORANT- Hey sometimes I forget hey we all forget because we’re rushing or  we had a long night before. There are millions of reasons so I keep an extra stick of deodorant in my car just in case I have one of those mornings.

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When you hate your name…




frustrationThis was supposed to be a story about my name. The origin, who decided to name you that? Would it be offensive to change it now that you are an adult?

Well my mother named me people gave the nickname Trish when I was twenty four and I stuck with it I’ve always like the name Elle I thought it was glamorous so I put them together to make my pen name. I wish I had a cool story about it being my great-grandmother’s name and they name me the same to so it wouldn’t be lost in history but I don’t but if you are like me and hate your name allwomenstalk has the answers for you 7 things you can do if you if you hate your name.

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College. Is It Worth It?




Well day 3 in this blogging challenge asks my views on education. A general topic that I go in many different directions with that topic. Sitting around most of the day wondering which direction should I take and I thought a lunch that I had with two of my former college mates that came to visit. Sitting at the coffee table with them not telling them at the time I had to dig out of the piggy bank of a few ones out just so I can enough to meet them. I listened to their stories one friend we’ll call her Tabitha was still at waitress job that she got when we were juniors in college and working part time at non profit as receptionist still not in her working in her field not even six years later. My other friend we’ll call her Sharon fared better than two of she she had a job in her field working in an architect firm but was miserable just drawing windows and helping someone else recognize their dream. I on the other hand had an finished novel that I was too afraid too look for an agent or write a proposal letter for because it may get rejected. Meanwhile working at night answering emails from customers at shoe retailer. I was surprised at all of the misspellings and grammar errors.

Back to the question…Was college worth it?

We all said no instantaneously for the following reasons.

1.We had no clear direction.

2. There was no plan cultivate our skills during college.

3. We did not have a mentor.

4. We did not have an exit strategy.

 Clear direction: Most of us were told from childhood to go to college so you can get a career and be successful without any clear direction why or what do to get this career. It was almost as if this career was going to be handed to us as a consolation prize for even going to college. There should have been research involved. What are you good at? Is there a market for it? What is the best way to get a career in that market?  How can you stand out with in that niche?  How are you going to achieve that while you’re in college? This is your investment think before you leap.

Plan to cultivate skills: Taking classes of coarse was the whole reason why we go to college in the first place but the real challenge is making is this work for you in the real world. This is where networking comes in. Whether it’s a sorority/fraternity, a club, a form of student council, internships. Find a way to apply this to help you in the future.

 Have a mentor: That seams simple right. Find some who is where you want to be and pick their brain, ask them questions, see how they got to where you want to be. I know for a fact that I wasted this opportunity I should have sought out more than one person that was working in the career that I wanted. I interned but I didn’t take advantage I just did the internship and went to class just to say I did it and put it on my resume. What I suggest is find a mentor ask and adsorb as much as you can from them they’ve been where you are any advise can be helpful.

Exit Strategy: You have a degree. Congratulations! Now what? Look for a entry level position in your field and work you way up right? Well since we were in a recession at the time there were no jobs at all in my field. So I did office jobs and tutoring on the side to pay the bills so that way I can use my degree in some way. I should have an exit strategy. Do you want start you business? Go to graduate school? Want to write that best seller? Think about it an start before you graduate that way it’s already in motion not saying there won’t be bumps along  the way but at least your’re focused on your dream.

So is college worth it? I will say yes if you have a plan and know exactly what you want to do with your investment of getting a degree. I will say no if your are going for the experience and grow and find yourself. Honestly we live in a world where you can’t waste time trying to do something that you are going to do naturally with time. It’s not worth being thousands of dollars in debt to have an experience working at a job you hate and all you have are memories.

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I found this just google writing challenges and I feel as if I should try something new with this multi part short story of Jessie and how her missing tooth has given her new found popularity. I’m already two days behind so I’ll do a two for one just now something fresh to give me some inspiration from not posting for weeks.

30 Day Goals 

  1. My goal is to have content post everyday and complete this challenge
  2. Be more specific and find a niche
  3. Start writing another book
  4. Finish my artwork to publish a coloring book
  5. Write everyday even if I don’t post it

Wish me luck…

Siblings (lack there of)

Being the only child and a military brat I don’t have siblings. I have close friends that I’ve known for years I make it point to call them at least one a week. Hey I wish it was more but sometimes life get’s in the way. When I was younger I wanted a little brother or sister like most children as I got older I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. So I learned how to do activities by myself until I was able to make friends in the new state that I was in. My Grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was about six years old so I picked that up as a hobby. I would journal about anything and everything all of my frustrations mostly and that became my therapy and later English became my favorite subject and my major in college. I’m off topic well since I didn’t have siblings I made the people closet around me my “sisters”  some of them definitely didn’t deserve that title. I had to learn the hard way because some people just do not have your best interest at heart but I will say the “sisters” that I have now are amazing people.

Hope you enjoyed my 2 for 1

Peace and Stay Creative.


Run like its a zombie apoclypse

Everything is coming at me way too fast. It was as if the world around me is like the series of lights and flashes that are in those modern pictures that I see displayed in The Square. That was me lights and flashes. Karen sat in the middle of Kevin and I her red curls bouncing in my face. If she wants this she can have this I don’t want anything to with it something about Kevin made me say yes. He said please I never pictured that happening ever. I feel obligated to stay and suffer through all her ideas. Most of them were stupid Kevin locks eyes with me with same expression. Everything she is saying is stupid none of it made since she’s just happy to be here.

“Karen we’re super excited that you have so many ideas. It is ok if I talk to Jess alone?”

Karen smile grows ten times wider and her eyes bigger. “Sure.”

She jumps out of the chair moving to the back of the classroom smiling and giving her thumbs up. I roll my eyes and face Kevin who’s now in her spot which I’m sure it’s warm by now I chuckle at the thought. “Look Karen is cool and all but these ideas are crazy.”

I pick up the paper and read, “Have someone fake being hurt in the hallway to see if someone will help.”

“Hey that one might be pretty cool. We can have someone fake break their leg with blood and everything,” Kevin calls out.

“That will cause panic everyone will run out of the hallway like it’s a zombie apocalypse.”

He laughs, “Yeah you’re right.”

“We could do that but have a demonstration of it like people can come in a classroom to see what to do.”

He smiles. His teeth are so perfect and white straight like that they were placed by angels and his skin smooth and olive not one blemish not a scar. I never realize how perfect he is until now. I get lost in him my brain is foggy I try to think but I can’t. I can’t make out what he’s saying his lips are perfect. He’s perfect.

“Hey, hey Jess are you ok?”

He touches my shoulder taking out of the trance, “Yeah I’m fine.” I fix my shirt and move my hair back since I feel like I’m sweating I may not be but feel like it’s one hundred degrees in here.

“I said that the demo in the classroom is a good idea I’ll take this to the Coach to see what he thinks.”

The bell rings and it’s over. It’s over too soon I sit there any he and everyone else is making their way out of the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he yells out.

I wave and smile.  I can’t speak my brain is back in the fog and I feel tingly all over. What just happened? Karen dances around like she won the lottery. I ignore her and pullout my pocket mirror and look at my plain face. I need a change a makeover I need to be a new Jessica.

I ditch Jessica telling her that I had a doctor’s appointment. I drive to mall looking around to see if anyone sees me. Just a few moms and older couples no one from school. Great. I go into the make-up shop where I see Marcy testing makeup with a few other girls out of boredom. I try to turn around before she can see me.

“Hey Jessica!”

I snap my fingers, take a deep breath and turn around. I wave but she runs up and squeezes me tightly.

“I didn’t know you like make-up. Oh, are you trying to cover up the thing?” she asks pointing to my swollen lip.

“I can’t really cover it up its swollen I got hit in the face with a football kinda hard.”

She laughs and it roars though the room over the generic pop music. “We can’t cover it up but we can focus on other things like your pale skin, or your bushy eyebrows or your lack of eyelashes.”

The room becomes overwhelming or I just shrunk about three sizes. All this isn’t me. What was I thinking?  She squeezes my arm pulling me to the makeup chair. “Don’t feel bad all of this can be fixed. Don’t worry Jess I’m going to help you. I’m finally glad that you decided to step into the rest of the world.”

She forces me into the chair. Marcy is strong than she looks. Does the volleyball coach make them lifts weights? She pulls out sample and sample comparing it against my skin. What did I get myself into?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far don’t forget to check it out from the beginning down below

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