I found this just google writing challenges and I feel as if I should try something new with this multi part short story of Jessie and how her missing tooth has given her new found popularity. I’m already two days behind so I’ll do a two for one just now something fresh to give me some inspiration from not posting for weeks.

30 Day Goals 

  1. My goal is to have content post everyday and complete this challenge
  2. Be more specific and find a niche
  3. Start writing another book
  4. Finish my artwork to publish a coloring book
  5. Write everyday even if I don’t post it

Wish me luck…

Siblings (lack there of)

Being the only child and a military brat I don’t have siblings. I have close friends that I’ve known for years I make it point to call them at least one a week. Hey I wish it was more but sometimes life get’s in the way. When I was younger I wanted a little brother or sister like most children as I got older I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. So I learned how to do activities by myself until I was able to make friends in the new state that I was in. My Grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was about six years old so I picked that up as a hobby. I would journal about anything and everything all of my frustrations mostly and that became my therapy and later English became my favorite subject and my major in college. I’m off topic well since I didn’t have siblings I made the people closet around me my “sisters”  some of them definitely didn’t deserve that title. I had to learn the hard way because some people just do not have your best interest at heart but I will say the “sisters” that I have now are amazing people.

Hope you enjoyed my 2 for 1

Peace and Stay Creative.



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