My daughter is nine now and I think back to when she was born and I was young and had no clue what I was doing or how I was going to take of this delicate life there were 10 things that I’ve had to remind myself over the years

  1. You’re going to make mistake and it’s OK.
  2. It’s OK to have a little me time from time to time
  3. You have to be their first teacher so teach them the best that you can
  4. Investigate Everything!
  5. If they are too quiet they are into something they shouldn’t be RUN and RUN FAST!
  6. Think about the future. Yours and theirs.
  7. Talk to them as much as possible about everything
  8. Enjoy the moment it won’t happen twice
  9. You think it’s bad..OK?! It can be worse.
  10. As long as you’re doing the best you can, your family has a roof over their heads, food, and working towards your goals nothing else matters. What people think, have whatever it doesn’t matter.

This is apart of the #31dayblogchallenge let me know you thoughts below.




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